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Our Summer 2018 issue

June 6, 2018

Cover story: over the past year, thousands of people have crossed an “irregular” part of Quebec’s southern border. Media called it a predicament, even a resource drain—but as the newcomers settled into Montreal, Heather Robb writes, locals didn’t see it that way at all.

Kelsey Rolfe explores how medical care is—and isn't—catching up to thousands of people who are outliving a once-fatal childhood diagnosis. 

O Ye of Little Faith: When you grow up as a missionary, asks Lorax B. Horne, what happens when you stop believing?

Who bought all those Canada 150 train passes? Kate Black spent a week finding out.

Sara King-Abadi on how a Muslim who eats bacon asserts her identity. 

Experts in Their Field: to work on your people skills, learn the language of horses, writes M. Marcel.

A new photo essay from Andrew Querner.

Little Mum: a comic written by Margret Bollerup and illustrated by andrea bennett

Melissa Bull translates Catherine Voyer-Léger's "Taking Shape," a series of prose poem snippets.

Photos Worth a Thousand Houses: Godfre Leung on the tangled relationship between Vancouver art and Vancouver real estate.  

On the Lam: Megan Jones chases a wayward ewe through a Montreal city park. 

Plus new fiction by Sharon Bala, poetry by Anna Swanson, the Book Room, the Music Room and more!