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Our Fall 2023 Issue

Sept. 27, 2023

Cover story: Kate Barss explores what bees can teach us about queer family-raising. On our cover, artist Winnie Truong and art directors Rachel Wine and Brian Morgan illustrate the hive's matriarchal framework. 

If Canada prides itself on its treatment of refugees, it needs to abolish the Safe Third Country Agreement, argues Yannick Mutombo. 

After a fire ravages a home, Madison McLauchlan questions why tenants are left to pick through the ashes and shoulder the responsibility. 

After purchasing a loom, Danielle Geller contemplates the fabric of her identity through a legacy of Dine? weaving.

As policymakers set their sights on frameworks beyond GDP, Jackie Brown asks what it means to quantify a nation's wellbeing. 

An extravagantly queer production of Richard II claps back at Shakespeare purists' conservatism, reports Liam Donovan.

Plus new fiction by Zalika Reid-Benta, a photo essay from Sara Angelucci, and much more!