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Our Winter 2023 Issue

Dec. 13, 2023

On our cover, Brandon Celi and art directors Rachel Wine and Brian Morgan illustrate our winter reading issue, featuring fiction from Ainslie Hogarth, Jean Marc Ah-Sen and Katia Lo Innes, and poetry from Jay Ritchie and Owen Torrey

Train travel can be a romantic affair, but not the way that Via Rail does it, argues Gabrielle Drolet in High Speed Fail

Quebec is throwing linguistic minorities under the bus under the guise of protecting French, writes Toula Drimonis in Divisive Language

Bioregionalism, an environmental approach born out of 1970s counter-culture, might offer us a path foward, reports Gus Mitchell in Knowing Your Place

Amid a crisis of trust in media, live journalism seeks to reconnect journalists and audiences; Tobin Ng examines the practice in Breaking the News

As loneliness increases, watching strangers eat has become a staple in our digital diets; Rachel DeGasperis explores the mukbang in Hungry for Connection

Plus a photo essay from Wynne Neilly and Kyle Lasky, a comic from Zoe Maeve, and much more!