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Our Spring 2024 Issue

April 5, 2024

On our cover, Justine Wong illustrates the communal joy and knowledge that go into making and enjoying pepperpot, Guyana's national dish, for a feature by Amy Li Baksh

For many queer, trans and racialized people, tattoos are more than skin deep, argues Shanai Tanwar

Co-opting the language of social and environmental justice can be a lucrative strategy for Canada's biggest landlords, writes Dev Ramsawakh

Citizenship is too often a carrot dangled out of the reach of Canada's migrant workers, reports M Gnanasihamany

When a bog is transported to Montreal only to be abandoned, Erin Despard wonders what we can learn about our approach to nature. 

Nineties survival series Real Kids, Real Adventures was the unlikely balm for Felicia Gabriele's disastrous intrusive thoughts. 

Plus new fiction from Nina Dunic, a comic from Julie Delporte, a Letter from Montreal by Yara El-Soueidi and much more!