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Why You Might As Well See You Might As Well Live

It's nice to see an Canadian comedy get a (relatively) major release. Opening at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto tomorrow is Simon Ennis's CanConCom You Might As Well Live. Written by Ennis (a veteran of the Bloor Cinema payroll) and co-star Joshua Peace, You Might As Well Live is the story of Robert Mutt (Peace) a down 'n' out loser and smalltown "douchebag" who puts a plan in motion to make himself a somebody.

I haven't seen the film, and to be honest the marketing blitz that his befallen the Big Smoke in anticpation of You Might As Well Live is a little obnoxious, but the red band trailer make the film seem pretty darn funny. There seems to be plenty of sleaze, and while the aesthetics may be overly indebted to the plasticine everygeek charm of Napoloen Dynamite, You Might As Well Live seems anything but cute.

And to boot, Kieran Grant gave the film a four-star review in EYE Weekly. Here's what he had to say:

From its faux-melodramatic title to its stockpile of late-’00s-douchebag-humour tropes, local director Simon Ennis’ movie is like an exercise in subterfuge. Nothing is quite as it seems and, somewhere amid its absurd first reel, a grinning subversion takes hold. This is an outsider’s tract, a feel-good hymn to loserdom and despair in which ne’er-do-wells, depressives, catatonics and minor-league baseball players are the agents of a warm-hearted idealism. Harsh normalcy, with all its hypocrisy and hellish dark corners, is vanquished. And there’s chemical castration. Chainsaws too.

Castration! Chainsaws! And Stephen McHattie (of Seinfeld/Pontypool/Watchmen fame) is in it! You can't miss!

The film screens Friday, August 28th (that's tomorrow) and will be introduced by my friend Adam Nayman, an endlessly talented Toronto film writer who also makes his home at EYE Weekly. It's nice to see a Canadian film get this much hype, so do yourself a favour and check it out. How else will you know whether or not Robert Mutt is a douche bag?