Register Tuesday | November 30 | 2021

Coulter + Ottawa = Match Made in Heaven

In case you're all not yet sick of the Ann Coulter soap opera, here's another angle to the whole thing. For me, censorship is always bad, but the brouhaha that's blown up over this thing is overlooking one important fact -- it was not university officials that shut down the event, nor Ottawa police, it was Coulter's team.

And if Ottawa's police is to be believed, they simply told her handlers that they better look for a bigger space, not that they should shut it down. Although there are legitimate arguments about whether the university should have sent their initial letter and also whether they could have been more prepared for what transpired, I don't think anyone doubts Ann Coulter's
tendency to manipulate the press to get max-PR wherever she can. This was a gold mine for her.

Here's a link to one of many reports - this one in the Chronicle Herald and a quote from the story:

"Coulter and her team, including Canadian conservative Ezra Levant, cited 'violence' in the crowd at the University of Ottawa and claimed that the police had shut it down. Ottawa police spokesman Alain Boucher said they saw no violence, arrested no one and had only advised Coulter’s entourage they should find a bigger space to accommodate everyone safely."