Register Tuesday | June 18 | 2019

Final Push

I'm writing today about a web series some friends of mine made last year called The Bitter End. I wrote a piece about the show for Maisonneuve.

A lot of people like The Bitter End and it's been critically successful, so now it's time to take it to the next level.

The Bitter End has some major opportunities right now, but in order for for anything to happen they need to prove that there is a market for the show. So they are trying to increase their viewership as much as possible in the next month, because no matter how good the show is, it's always up against more straight-up popular stuff.

You can help in any of these ways:

a) If you haven't seen the show, you should. Check it out here. There are six 15-ish minute episodes.
b) Become a "fan" on Facebook (yes, it's actually important).
c) If you've seen the show and like it, tell a friend or two about in and encourage them to take steps a) and b)
d) If you're involved with any kind of press or media that can offer coverage to the show so that more people can hear about it, please get in touch, either at [email protected] or at (514) 560-7082.

It's that easy. Okay, thanks for reading.