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Blog Round-Up: Endless Summer, or How to Stay Warm Forever

The other day I said to a friend, "It was actually kind of chilly this morning."

She looked at me. "Yes."

"Like, I had to put on a sweater," I continued. "It was weird. And I hate to be the person who says this..."

I didn't even get the chance. "Just say it!" she cried. "Just say it. Summer's almost over. It's getting colder. I know."

Today at Maisonneuve HQ, we're wearing long pants, and drinking hot coffee, and we aren't sweating, and we're starting to get hungry for something other than slushies and beer. These are all signs of the times, my friends. Autumn is on its way.

But don't you worry, fellow sun worshippers! It's always balmy here at the Maisonneuve blog. Before we trip over Labour Day and land squarely in fall, why don't you...

—play a little half-court basketball with your pals?
(Read: "The Natural")

—watch fireworks that look like "sperm swimming up into the inky night sky"?
(Read: "Fireworks in the Age of Digital Isolation")

—revel in the fact that your terrible summer job is finally coming to an end?
(Read: "Lessons from Luciano: On Money")

—catch a wave, or hang ten, or whatever it is you lunatics say?
(Read: "Surfing in Hong Kong")

—or just loiter around your neighbourhood, snapping photos of friendly strangers?
(Read: "Montreal in Early Summer")

And most importantly, don't forget to pick up a copy of our summer issue—before it's too late!

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