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Rumors of Her Demise blah blah blah blah blah

Elizabeth Spiers's blog

I wanted to link to you the following blog by Elizabeth Spiers for three reasons: One) Elizabeth Spiers is a hell of a writer with a sharp-edged wit. (Actually, I don't know if she's a hell of a writer. Technically, I've never read a piece she's written, but her blog posts are on point and well done.) Spiers came to New York attention as the editor of a website called In Manhattan media circles, which is the world I professionally reside in--granted, on one of the bottom rungs of what is a very tall ladder--Gawker was something of a phenomenon, in no small part because of her voice. It was the website for irreverent magazine, television, newspaper, etc. news. (Perhaps it was also for irrelevant news, because she pretty much skewered whoever she wrote about. Two) Since she became the Official Blogger for New York magazine, SHE NEVER FREAKING POSTS! Although it says on the Kicker’s info page that Spier’s plans to “be linking to news items in other publications about New York people, politics, and business” regularly, she has been sadly absent for what seems like months. I half expected to see a photo of her on local milk cartons with “Have You Seen This Blogger?” beneath. Three) The Graydon Carter Affair (a.k.a. Gradongate) has been BIG news in socialite New York, which is not a world I reside in professionally or otherwise. Graydon Carter is the Editor-in-Chief of Vanity Fair magazine or as I like to call it, The Time Capsule for What Was Big 5 Years Ago. If it's in Vanity Fair nowadays, it’s a safe bet it's not just over, but was repeatedly bludgeoned to death before being buried, exhumed, buried, exhumed, buried and finally exhumed in the pages of VF. Spiers take on the whole "scandal" is spot on. Read and enjoy.