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Jarret McNeill

Bomb Scare

Feeling Small and Stupid

Diplomatic Immunity

"Way to go, Newsweek. Way to single handedly spoil all of the good will towards Americans our government had worked for the past three years to cultivate."

A Man of His Word

"I have told three people I was in love with them. And I was. I have talked marriage with each of them, in some particular manner. The first was high school marriage talk, the second was college marriage talk, and the third was real marriage talk."

On the Wing

Gus Wing is not around anymore.

F Stop

Aperture 2

Oscar Night

Television as the Lowest Common Denominator

Before the Dawn

Theory about the beginnings of a new relationship

Intolerable Loss

We believe ourselves far more altruistic than we are.


Individual moments matter

Full Stop

That's where I was 2 weeks ago.

Feeling Underwhelmed

"The guy from the mailroom plopped down a huge thumping package on my desk."

Of Tiny Details

You live through the loud times; you earn the silent ones

The Circus is in Town

"I know most New Yorkers are dreading the Republican Convention. I’m actually looking forward to it."

The Sleep of the Dead

"The unwritten rule of driving these streets is that there are no rules. "

In Another's Words

"I’d rather let someone else do the talking for me. "

Let It Rain

"Let the rain come, if it has to. "

These Dreams

"The rest of my dreams have been good ones. I don’t count wet dreams as dreams. That’s just brain porn."

Make It Count

"I’ve often wondered what I would wish for if someone granted me one."

The Rebirth of Cool

"I’ve written this before, but cool has always fascinated me."

Prioritizing Stupidity

"For alongside our famous individualism, there's another ingredient in the American saga."

Voicing My Confusion

"Bill Clinton makes me believe in myself, nothing that either of these candidates makes me do."

Work is Hell

"Everything about September closings is difficult.

The Prodigal Son Returns

"The weekend was brilliant, could be broken up into any number of different blogs, and none of them would be about the same thing."

Stupid White Man

"I remember the first time I ever heard the word fag.'"

In Love and Art

"These characters were people to whom life happened"

Talented Anonymous and Passionate

"We are Talented, Anonymous, and Poor. Or Talented, Artistic, and Privileged. Or Trenchant, Articulate, and Passionate. "


"But at times I do miss politics. And more than anything, I miss after work drinks."

Me Da

I am very much my father's son

Lovely Lolita

"Part of what makes Lolita such a classic is, well let me see here, it says on the box that it speaks something of the human condition."

Fahrenheit 9/11

"The criticism of Fahrenheit for being, of all things, partisan surprises me."

Britney Spears Naked!

"They will come here thinking they will see Britney Spears get fucked, but instead they will find intellect, culture, and like a dried out sponge they will begin to rehydrate on writing, opinion, youth, concern, society and passion."


"Madame Maud Newton is back in the blogsphere!"

So, What Do You Do?

"So I quit and at 25 went back to pursuing what I have been interested in since I was a kid ..."

Do The Right Thing

"Of course, people can pick from the Bible whatever they want. "

Bitching and Moaning

Tony is a very easy person to love, but in high school, Tony and I hated each other.

A Man Among Men

"It seems so inappropriate to question the actions of New York on Sept. 11."

Perks of the Trade

"I often get a chance to listen to albums well well before they come out."

Mental Vomit

"I find myself in a pretty familiar place right now."