Register Tuesday | June 25 | 2019


"Madame Maud Newton is back in the blogsphere!"

Madame Maud Newton is back in the blogsphere! Returning to her webby home after a much needed, mind clearing, refresher abroad, she is finally back where she is needed. Posting all the book news that's fit to print.

When I was offered this space I did a little research, reading blog after blog after blog. Most, in truth, were disappointing, offering up hipster-stylized snarky takes on whatever world the blogger happened to find interesting. A few were good, but Maud's, in my most humble opinion, accomplishes a beautiful mix of the personal while delving into her own idiosyncratic interests. Dear, sweet Maud, probably the closest thing to a blog crush I have. Too bad she's married. Cruel twisted fate!

I know it seems odd to link my humble space to another blog that probably has 30 times the readership I have, but that is the appeal of the marvelous Maud. What's that you say? She should be linking to me? You're too kind. Her writing is just too delicious. Madame Maud is back in action. Enjoy her prodigious postings.