Register Sunday | June 16 | 2019

Happy Friday

A link for you

So it has just been a miserable week. We set out to close an issue in 4 days, which is damn near impossible. I've barely slept and to add to my discomfort I've also been fighting off a cold. Or exhaustion. Or robots. Damn unfeeling robots and their metallic, alloy bodies.

However it's Friday. And I have a date tonight. A friend of mine sent me this link this morning, and I cannot resist sharing. I wish I could bottle whatever he has, because it's infectious. It brightened my day. So, as Britney Spears say-in that train wreck article in Details (the one with Kevin "white-trash version of Justin Timberlake" Federline on the cover)-Happy Friday, "motherchuckers!"

Here's the link. This kid should be selling products somewhere. An advertising genius needs to scoop him up now. Watch all the way through. Enjoy.