Register Tuesday | June 25 | 2019

Center Stage - Part II

"Well I am going to write the Blog I didn't want to be writing right now."

Well I am going to write the Blog I didn't want to be writing right now. Feel like I am living some cliche dance movie storyline. Went to the audition and didn't get picked this time. Now all the self doubts are creeping in. Which is why I really don't like going to auditions in the first place. I guess when it goes your way it makes you feel good about yourself, but even then they are stressful and not that fun. Today's was quite humane comparitively. None of us were cut during it, and really I wasn't expecting to get it.

But I don't think any of us can help hoping before and wondering what it is about us after. Today there were some beautiful dancers I admire not chosen, so who knows what the criteria was. Is it something technical you can change, is it your look or some chemistry that just doesn't click? The sad thing is that someone else could probably tell you in two seconds. Maybe, I will start asking.

Now would be the point in the movie where I would vow to improve myself and the theme music would kick in. There would be a montage of clips of me training hard, running through the park up flights of stairs, sweating in the studio with a coach hollering at me, doing sit ups and dancing by myself in the moonlight. Wow. I feel inspired already. By the time the music fades I stride up confidently to a stage door wearing a pink headband and matching track suit. AAAAAAAhhh if only.

O.K. back to reality. Instead tonight I will go see my friends' show, go to a dancer party and go dancing at The Goods. Don't think there are enough dance related activities in my day. 

Peace Out, e.