Register Thursday | October 21 | 2021

Erin Flynn

Dialog with Dena

"You are having a relationship with what is going on in front of you on stage on some level, whether you are sitting back to watch and admire a spectacle or searching for meaning inside of these gestures."

Fall Resolutions

"This year, I can’t wait for the fall to start."

Wading Through Summer

"It is amazing how much energy can be expended on meaningless tasks..."

Craft and Ritual

"Is it the tradition of high art that causes us to gather in darkened rooms as voyeurs to watch and listen to experts players. Is it our society’s respect for the individual experience that draws us to witness self expression."

New Breed

"Taxi drivers and people I meet for the first time never seem to have any idea what I mean when I say I am a contemporary dancer."

Ewok Reflections

Mulling over images from Mr. Cote's show at La Chapelle last night

dig it - smarty pants

"I got a recipe for creating intelligence in developing human beings from a documentary on television on Saturday night."


"This is one of those weeks that has passed in a flash."

Center Stage - Part II

"Well I am going to write the Blog I didn't want to be writing right now."

Take a Deep Breath

What do you think about in the first moments you wake up?

Who me........?

Just completed two weeks of improvisational research.