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presidents, elections & sweeping generalisations

"When did this country become so conservative anyway."

So Mr. Ronald Wagon has left us. Strange how the role of politicians are now played by actors,(or bodybuilders posing as actors pretending to be politicians). It must be odd to be performing fiction within the sphere of reality/ to be a puppet fed lines that lack sincerity but have actual effects. The public is caught between suspended disbelief and futile awareness. Maybe the actors are there to sustain apathy and make us underestimate the power still remaining in the political arena. I remember my political science prof. telling us that the recipe for a stable society is 10% in power, 10% aware of what is happening but feeling powerless to change it and 80% basically oblivious. Sounds about right.

When did this country become so conservative anyway. Isn't part of the Canadian identity founded on democratic socialism. Aren't public healthcare, education and other social structures what we prize and believe separate us from Americans. Isn't it bad enough Brian Mulroney sold off our resources and rights to a national identity, do I have to see his son rounding up untalented youth and his party resurrected as a newer, righter wing. How many more millions have to be embezzled before people consider the alternative parties?

I don't understand why people seem so afraid of progressive policies. The destructive and unsustainable nature of the western lifestyle is becoming more and more apparent. I've overheard so many conversations and lived through many days that make global warming seem to be a veritable fact. Change doesn't have to be as difficult as people seem to think and it means that there could be future generations beyond the next two. That could be cool, non?! I think that it is my age group and the ones that follow that are going to actually have to deal with the consequences of the present lifestyle. I wonder if subconsciously people believe in the apocalypse and so have decided to just enjoy themselves as the ship sinks. No wonder Titanic was so popular. I really think we shouldn't give up so easily. That politics and economics are just games and distractions from the more fundamental elements of life and survival. I still believe we have the ability to shape our reality just wondering how to wake up from this bad dream?

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