Register Tuesday | June 25 | 2019

Ewok Reflections

Mulling over images from Mr. Cote's show at La Chapelle last night

There is a beautiful tree just outside my window and right now I am pretending that I live in a tree house far away from this hectic city. Ever noticed that what you like about something can turn on you. What I love about Montreal is the variety of things happening simultaneously - but at the same time it is hard to find peace between the cracks of activity. Take this week for instance: Mutek, Reggae Festival, Michael F. Cote, Daniel Leveille, Contact Jams, Full Moon Parties and the Suoni Per Il Popolo at the Sala Rossa & Casa. This is only within the small sphere I am exposed to. At least know one can complain of boredom here. Luckily time and finances dictate the events I attend or I wouldn't know where to turn.

So up here in my perch I am mulling over images from Mr. Cote's show at La Chapelle last night. He devised an interesting project where he asked Catherine Tardif, Estelle Clareton, Emmanuel Jouthe, Dominique Porte and David Pressault to create three solos and choose music out of 19 pieces. A few weeks before the show the entire group gathered to piece their works together. The result was a stage filled with five strong individuals, embodying contrasting physicalities but connected realities. There was a tone of self questioning to each of the solos and surprising synergy in the transitions. Watching choreographers perform their own work is fascinating because of what a person chooses to reveal or disguise. There is also something satisfying about seeing movement performed the way it was intended by the creator themselves. You get to see the roots of the physicality in the posture and personality. There were moments where I was really transported and few where I was wondering what someone was trying to say. The music had melodic and noise components and created and intimate landscape that encompassed fragility, fury and melancholy. It was distilled from a piece of music that John Cage based on a work of Satie's. The show was not perfect(not looking for that anyway) but more interesting than anything I have seen for awhile.

Saw my good friend's baby for the first time yesterday and was struck by how quickly moods seem to pass through him. He went from sleepy, unhappy, smiling, crying, laughing and panicky within a minute. I was thinking oh the wonder of babies until today when my mood seemed to shift just rapidly. What is up? We will say it is the full moon but my word Perle, I feel erratic - and it isn't a women thing.

Maybe I am a werewolf.