Register Monday | June 17 | 2019

Fall Resolutions

"This year, I can’t wait for the fall to start."

Normally at the end of August when all the trees turn that dark green and the stores start to take out their Halloween merchandise, I feel pretty sad that summer is ending. This year, although I am not ready for the cold yet, I can’t wait for the fall to start. No more waitressing!!!!!!. I am going to train, to choreograph, to be part of a new creation and see new work. Speaking of which Krystal Pite’s last installment for Les Ballets Jazz is coming up. Can’t wait! She is one of my favorite choreographers because she is able to make a statement with inventive movement and wit. Lucky are the dancers that get to do that work.

* I also got a ticket for my favorite band, the Pixies. Very exciting but not till November, so must calm down.

After watching the Olympics for the past two weeks I feel reinspired to push myself and train hard this fall, and very happy that I don’t have to land a Vault keeping my feet together. What athletes are capable of these days is truly amazing and the details they have to conform to, in order to be judged are truly ridiculous. I am jealous of the team of professionals they have behind them helping them to achieve. I wonder what it is like to have the help of a coach, massage therapist, nutritionist and psychiatrist. Maybe at times it is a little cluster phobic, and you just want to be left alone and eat chips.

My wake up call is not just coming from athletes on television. So many of my friends are doing exceptionally well, I need to keep up. One is choreographing and producing her own show and making all the music for it. Three others landed prime gigs with O Vertigo, Jose Navas and Le Groupe de la Place Royale. There is a whole gang are on tour in Europe with Joe; and a few others that have all the funding, presenters and residencies in place for their new works. Why do I have to be friends with ambitious over achievers?

I guess I better get busy on my grant proposal, head to the gym and do a dance of joy for the end of full time waitressing. People go home and serve your selves! Is this burn out or inspiration? Doesn’t matter I am going with it.

Later, Erin