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Knowing When To Shut Your Mouth

On Inappropriate Social Behaviour

Recently, my friend Kate was left for another woman. No one in our group can figure out why, as Kate is clearly woman enough for anyone. But the cold truth remains: there was a breakup; there was another woman.

Not long after, Kate and a friend visited a local microbrew pub where the “other woman” used to work as a waitress. After the second round, though, Kate realized that the other woman was still waiting tables there. Was in fact waiting on Kate’s table. Watching your nemesis pick up a bunch of dirty glasses may afford some small pleasure, but sharing space with a formidable foe is always unnerving. Kate’s wry friend saw the need for a wry comment. “Kate,” she said—wryly—“you know those fifteen pounds you lost during your breakup? They ended up on her ass.”

This is an example of a wonderfully inappropriate comment ...

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