Register Friday | December 8 | 2023

Heroin Housewives and Suburban Cocaine

Are hard-core drugs (finally) moving toward mediocrity?

I should begin by confessing that my brush with white powdery drugs is extremely minimal. Okay, I have had none. I have never snorted anything up my nose or injected anything into my arms. My experimentation with drugs happened largely during high school. I went to a rave at the Ontario Science Centre in the late nineties and took what I thought was ecstasy, but am now sure was a candy-coated Advil with a smiley face painted on it. I had friends who went through a phase in high school of dropping acid and going bowling—but I was away on exchange that semester, so I didn’t do that. Later on, I dabbled in the realm of magic mushrooms, and would do so again. So, when it comes to the general party scene, I consider myself to be pretty typical: not a babe in the woods, at times a ...

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