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Pruning the Friendship Tree

The Best-Before on Your “BFF”

No one likes to think that friendships have a shelf life, but there’s no denying that some friendships do have best-before dates: best before the first fight, best before she sleeps with the guy you like, best before she takes your money and runs. Of course, there are some friends that are 4 Life. You know them by the little gold chains and the half-heart pendants that proclaim “BFF” (best friends forever). You have the other half of the heart still nestled safely in your own jewellery box.

It is comforting to know that those middle school sayings are still relevant when we’re all grown up. All of my friends for life are just that: friendships that don’t really change. Sure, the people change—we’ve grown out our bangs, thrown out our ’80s threads, then gone out and replaced the legwarmers, re-cut the bangs—but great ...

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