Register Saturday | July 13 | 2024

The Return of the Housewife

Daft, Designer or Desperate?

There are few things I love more than food and themed parties. Pulling these together, my girlfriends and I have decided to throw a desperate housewives dinner party. The menu will include devilled eggs, a savoury salad made with Jell-O, a casserole dish prepared with a can of Campbell’s condensed soup and maybe a trifle thrown in for good measure. We will swill Mother’s Helpers (gin and tonic) while cooking—to ease our wifely sorrows—and wear our aprons when we sit down to eat. We contemplated inviting some guys in pleated chinos to sip beer in the den, but finally decided that they would ruin the vibe.




We think this is a hilarious plan—the food is so untrendy that it’s actually, amazingly, cool again. My sister, who lives in England and is in the know about such fads, tells me that ...

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