Register Sunday | October 1 | 2023

Are Women the New Men (in Bed)?

Who holds out?

Before the Mr. Bigs and the Aidans, before the substantial relationships (and relationship problems) of the infamous Carrie Bradshaw, there was a different premise to Sex and the City. It was the idea that four attractive New York women could treat their sex lives the way men do-that women could also unabashedly want and enjoy an active sex life. Being a comedy, of course, the show played on stereotypes in order to make this point. Every heroine had a different hair colour so that viewers didn't get confused: the prudish coquette Charlotte (brunette), the outrageously promiscuous Samantha (blond), the wry and intellectual lawyer Miranda (redhead). But the show revolved around Carrie (highlighted Botticelli curls), the cutely neurotic, chain-smoking sex columnist, who got the most screen time and thus the most emotional complexity. But did any of these women actually treat sex like men do? What does that even mean ...

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