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Rules of the Naked Gym

Change-Room Etiquette

Everything I've heard about men's locker rooms leads me to believe they are very naked places: bare asses, towel whipping and nonchalant showers ensemble after the squash game. It's part of the male bonding experience at the gym-or so I've been told. Being a British Canadian girl, however, I've never really lounged around much in the nude with my family and friends. I've known naked families, of course-even had conversations with bare-breasted mothers (not my own)-and think that it's quite nice when relatives are comfortable with each other in this way. It reminds me of the Finnish tradition, in which whole families, from granny to baby, take saunas together in the buck. There is nothing wrong with a naked body: nudity can be a way to relax and be comfortable, not simply a prelude to sexual activity. It's just I'd ...

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