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Two as the Loveliest Number

What’s Wrong with the Royal We.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for coupledom. I think two is a great number. With two people, you can sit at the bar, eat some peanuts and actually hear each other talk. With two, you can take a road trip and not have one person in the back seat, deafened by the wind and, ultimately, left out. I know a girl who makes a point of having dates with everyone, not just her boyfriend. She meets up for regular one-on-one sessions with her friends, and I love her for it. People can act differently in a group setting, so sometimes it's nice to focus on a person without having to contend with his or her public persona.

In the romantic sphere, I prefer the number two as well. Sure, there are trends nowadays to swing with other couples or to embark on threesomes-but, while I am ...

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