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Baby's the New Black

Why Montreal's women are all getting preggers

Summer is great for many activities, but perhaps the best thing about warm weather is the people-watching-and lord knows, there's a lot to see. The other day a friend of mine saw a bearded man on a bike wearing a baby-doll dress. Whatever else it may be, Montreal is definitely a city that isn't afraid to show off some skin. From the mini-est of all miniskirts to the bikini-top as eveningwear, most Montrealers aren't shy about letting it all hang out (or watching others do so). And unlike some places-say England, where it would be better if many remained covered-most half-clothed people here look fantastic.

Included in this group of great dressers is a new cohort: the hot pregnant lady. I don't know if it's me, Montreal, or just that it's summer, but I am convinced that there's a baby-making trend underway in ...

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