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Who’s Got the Funk?

Montreal’s FunknSoul festival features greats like Roy Ayers and locals like jojoflores

House stylists Osunlade, jojoflores, Misayo and Alex Robbins kicked off year two of the Montreal International FunknSoul Festival Thursday night at the extremely dark Jello Bar. By midnight the dance floor was spilling into the seating areas, so my advice: for events at the Jello Bar, go early and stake out your space. Want proof? Check out our gig gallery.

The festival boasts upcoming performances by classic players. Vibraphone megaman Roy Ayers plays on Wednesday, September 7, at the Cabaret Music Hall. New Yorker Louie Vega has been on the scene as a party DJ for nearly twenty years, and he'll remind us why he's been king so long with his Nuyorican soul this Sunday, September 4, at Club 1234. Siji, an afrobeater and soul singer whose sincerity will make your knees weak, plays Thursday, September 8, at Jello Bar.

The festival cup runneth over with locals too. The prominent jojoflores plays two more gigs. Barbados-born Montreal resident s.h.a.r.(o).n delivers funk with her R & B voice, Friday September 2, at Jello Bar. A personal funk favourite, Kobal, plays the closing FunknFusion gig at the SAT on Saturday, September 10, during which Hvw8 artist Gene Pendon will be painting.

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