Register Wednesday | February 26 | 2020

Melissa Wheeler

Weird Science

High school teacher Vanessa Vaughan’s secret life as an artist

One Massive Family

Hip hop collective Nomadic Massive takes the world to the stage

Move Over, Mile End

The Saint-Hubert’s strip is becoming a new hub for Montreal’s nightlife

To Montreal With Love

The fifth annual Festival Voix d’Amériques melts the winter blahs

Bright Young Things

Twenty-three-year-old painter Nicolas Grenier creates the image of youthful Montrealers

Hells Yeah!

How else to sum up RESFEST’s first-ever stopover in Montreal?

Critical Harvest

Port Parole’s Seeds is a well-rounded dramatization of Schmeiser v Monsanto

Dude, Where’s My Gear?

Don’t count on pawnshops to catch the thief who ripped off your band’s equipment

Little Drummer Boy

Meet Marc-André Grondin, star of C.R.A.Z.Y., rock drummer and all-around regular guy

Who’s Got the Funk?

Montreal’s FunknSoul festival features greats like Roy Ayers and locals like jojoflores

Going Local

Montreal Designs Find a Home at Local 23

The Participatory City

When the Cyclone of Hype Passes, Don't Expect Montreal to Stop Breeding Cool-Here's Why