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On the 80th Anniversary of The Threepenny Opera — it opened in 1928 in Berlin — Ottawa writer Andrew Steinmetz offers us an anti-Brecht Brechtian tribute

Subject likes old things. He needs most of all: a standing desk, a typewriter, a lamp, a pair of scissors and fine-grained writing paper. Subject’s virtues include cheerfulness, regular application, punctuality, helpfulness. Favourite colour is red. Favourite materials are leather and wood. Things subject hates: somebody holding his coat, somebody tipping their hat. Words of praise: normal, kind, useful. Words of condemnation: corrupt, exploiter, non-dialectical. Favourite question: ‘why?’ Favourite things to eat: potatoes, asparagus, herring, beef broth, horseradish, raspberries. And to drink: lemon juice, wine in the evening, schnapps, if necessary.

Identifying features: dark eyes, black hair (closely cut), scar on left cheek, cap and cigar, spectacles (brown-rimmed), feet (strikingly small and narrow), grey woollen socks (often rolled down to form bunches at his ankles), workman’s trousers, blue poplin jacket, boiler shirt.

 Subject was born in Augsburg, Germany, February 10, 1898. Subject entered the United States at San ...

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