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Portraits of nomadic youth in America.

Photographs by Kitra Cahana. Text by Chris Urquhart.

Your mother sleeps in a solar-powered bus. Your father is a nudist priest who protests the "oppression" of honeybees. Your sisters and brothers are street kids who make walnut paste using bike-powered blenders. Names like Nomad, Useless and Clutter fill the air, bumping up against incense and patchouli oil. Welcome to the Rainbow Family of Living Light.

"Rainbow doesn't discriminate," explains Dharma, a dreadlocked nineteen-year-old who has been on the streets for four years. Dharma comes from a family of six kids, supported by a single mother. Her father was deported and refuses to pay child support. "A lot of kids run away because they're spoiled. I left because I wanted my mom to breathe easy and work a little less."

Dharma is only one of the countless teenage runaways drawn to New Mexico for this year's Annual Rainbow ...

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