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Monuments: The City in Three Parts

Monuments: The City in Three Parts

New poetry by Roland Pemberton, aka Cadence Weapon.

Painting by Amy Casey.

The City

Have you been to The City?

When you read this
is it among colours?
The rush of infinity ants
passing gold and crimson

The founders,
their drinks on blueprint coaster
the wasted nights

Them of the bridge
bowing and swaying at the will of Aeolus
No shelter cushions the blow

Behind the unnatural tribute
a greening artifact is a gridiron play

If any of these places exist so must this thought
There is no City apart from the minds of those who live there
and a city is not a City until it believes it is one

So may I ask again
have you been to The City?

The End of the World

We are the kings of Keillor Road
We skirt the black hole
as seen from space
Forming obstinate
in a state of grace

This monument
hiding in plain sight
is called ...

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