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Two Poems by Nyla Matuk

"Lust" and "Mating Ritual."


The remarkable undulating hunt-lights of Japanese sting-jellies,
whose beige vein-membranes glimmer as the patina
of a vampire’s salve on a bee-stung labial lip

behave such as vague swimmers—zombie-safes—
sluggish from a century of patience, and the dream of satiety.
Casting wants character-actors at a cocktail lounge.

These horny chandeliers, snail-antennae reeling in champagne,
move forward like sharks after a foaming nutritional purse,
cinéma vérité, Imagination’s picture show.

How deep is the ocean? Where does the corner
of my mind meet the false dilemma? Oily canister,
stormlight flicker! I don’t trust you; then, I do.

Mating Ritual

He was mounted higher than most, it seemed, on that rackety-bike,
driving it through the park with two big dogs on rope, sporting
secret manly woodsman’s baggage, a headdress reminiscent
of a dark Plains Chief’s feather mitre.

I got caught up in the lilt on ...

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