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The Music Room: Issue 47

Spring listens: Reversing Falls, Born Ruffians, Blue Hawaii and more.

For years, Reversing Falls was the best band in Montreal that refused to release an album. Luckily for us, on its self-titled, self-released debut, the three-piece gets its shit together in a big way. As frontman Tyler Crawford scorns the contrivances of twentysomething life, tracks like “Shitty Birthday” and “Problems” crackle with the über-riffage of alt-rock’s halcyon days. But the album’s standouts swap indignant armour for introspection; “Curse This Place” is Montreal’s swan song, down to the rinky-dink piano solo. “I would really love to stay here,” Crawford sings, “but curse this town.”

Saxophonist Colin Stetson is a formidable performer. On New History Warfare Volume 3: To See More Light (Constellation Records), his bleating arpeggios are as clear and sorrowful as any voice. The record’s death dirges, lonesome caterwauling and surprising cover of gospel standard “What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?” stream beams of light ...

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