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A Short Film

Max...................Tall, slim, in his early thirties.
The girl...........Tall, slim, in her early twenties.

Scene 1
A green hill, a blue sky—candy-green and candy-blue. A white jet stream incises the otherwise empty sky. The entire curve of the hill fits the shot.

A fifteen-second shot of the hill, the sky, the jet stream, the jet sound, the slight wind.

Max appears from the left and begins up the hill, unhurried. He is wearing a red jacket.

When he is midway, a female voice becomes audible. It yells something repeatedly.

The yelling escalates and the girl appears from the left. She is naked.

She is at once marching, running and stumbling.

Her fists are clenched and pump at her sides each time she yells.

She is breathless. It appears she has been following him for many miles.

The girl is calling his name and repeats it in varying ...

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