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The Book Room: Issue 54

The Book Room: Issue 54

Winter Reads: Sweet Lechery; The Evening Chorus; First Year Healthy; For Your Safety, Please Hold On; One Hundred Days of Rain.


1. Jeet Heer is a prolific essayist.

 2. Some may be familiar with his Twitter essays presented as numbered lists.

3. The minimal space, without a doubt, cuts the fat.

4. Those creations may not be as in-depth as a magazine feature, but they are no less insightful.

5. His recent collection, Sweet Lechery (The Porcupine’s Quill), takes a more traditional format.

6. These essays, many of which were originally published in the last ten years, stand up in the present.

7. Heer’s work is broken into sections, such as general culture and the ever-pre- sent CanCon (I lost count of the Alice Munro references).

8. Others include right-wing politics; science fiction; and, a subject close to Heer’s heart, comics.

9. Some pieces, including his fantastic look into the bizarre behaviour of wri- ter Philip K. Dick, should be required ...

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