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The Music Room: Issue 54

The Music Room: Issue 54

Winter Listens: Death from Above 1979, TV On The Radio, Neil Young, Taylor Swift, Azealia Banks, Stars, Meligrove Band, Parkay Quarts and Absolutely Free.


They came together, they fell apart. Ten years later, garage two-piece Death From Above 1979 have reunited for The Physical World (Last Gang Records), their first album after the debut that made them superstars. The world at their feet, bassist Jesse Keeler and drummer Sebastien Grainger broke up, splintering off into side projects MSTRKRFT and Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains. So after years of history and regret, how does The Physical World stack up? It’s a thunderous landscape of fre- netic bass and drums, with airtight hooks readymade for Guitar Hero (like on scorching single “Trainwreck 1979”). Lyrically, its dystopian visions of the future prevail. On “Always On,” they imagine if Kurt Co- bain had lived to be a callous social media addict. But it’s easy to be cruel, harder to be sincere. The heartbreaking bal- lad “White ...

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