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The online thinkpiece is such a strange beast that even masters of the form—such as Roxane Gay, Lindy West, and, arguably, BuzzFeed senior writer Scaachi Koul—lose something in the transition to print. The nature of a book production cycle turns a Tweet-quotable voice that perfectly articulates the spirit of a moment into a reductive rehash; confessional, everyday memoirs by the young curdle from brave and relatable to narcissistic; and entertaining parenthetical jokes and ALL CAPS become distractingly performative. While Koul’s essay collection One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of this Will Matter (Doubleday) doesn’t completely avoid these problems, it’s more than redeemed by its depth, specificity and self-awareness. Koul is the rare writer who approaches issues of gender, race, mental health, and body acceptance with a full, intersectional understanding of her own worldview, and her conclusions ring truer because of it. She ...

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