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The Fall 2017 Music Room

Alvvays’ sunny self-titled debut turned the obscure East Coast-bred band into international indie darlings faster than listeners could figure out how to pronounce their name. How do you follow that up? If you’re frontwoman Molly Rankin, you shut the world out, throw some speakers in a wheelbarrow, roll them onto the Toronto Islands ferry, listen to your favourite LPs on the beach and write a new album in an abandoned schoolhouse. That origin story is precisely the kind of reckless adventure that might show up on Antisocialites (Polyvinyl), a record teeming with vignettes of sweaty summer nights in the city: hopping fences with your friends, getting thrown out of museums, pining for lost love. Rankin cleverly curbs the wistful romanticism just before it feels too precious: on the sparse closer, “Forget About Life,” she juxtaposes escapist fantasies with the recognition that she’s basking in the entirely unromantic glow ...

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