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The Winter 2017 Music Room

In his final years, Gord Downie raced against his own mortality, battling to play every Canadian city and awaken fans to Canada’s colonial history before his body shut down. Introduce Yerself (Arts & Crafts), released a week after his death, is the heartbreaking final chapter in his quest to leave nothing unsaid. Each of its twenty-three tracks constitutes a farewell letter to a particular soul. “First Person” is an ode to Downie’s mom, the “first person to lean down and kiss me good night”; “My First Girlfriend” is a fond (if on-the-nose) recollection of a beautiful, bookish flame; and others pay tribute to children, friends and bandmates. Even the more cryptic numbers, likely indecipherable to few but their subjects, drip with warmth, humour and love. This posthumous autobiography skips the awards shows and nationally broadcast Tragically Hip concerts in favour of quieter moments, like bringing a child to bed ...

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