Register Friday | July 20 | 2018

Perfect Fit

People with physical disabilities want better fashion.

Layla Guse Salah always wanted a trench coat. The look was classic, and she imagined herself with the eye-catching cinched belt, knowing, with her petite figure, she could pull it off. But she also knew it wasn’t an option. Guse Salah has spastic cerebral palsy and quadriplegia. Her right arm is more spastic than her left, and it can be difficult to put on sleeves that are too tight. She’d come to accept that her jackets would always be a boxy shape.

That changed when she was twenty-three and completing teacher’s college. Guse Salah had heard about a Toronto-based designer named Izzy Camilleri, who’d released an adaptive fashion line—clothing designed for people with physical disabilities. With her mom, Guse Salah went to Camilleri’s store in the Junction. A colourful collection of dresses, jackets, blouses and other clothing hung delicately on the steel rack, all ...

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