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Experts in their field

Experts in their field

To work on your people skills, learn the language of horses.

Rachel Avitans task was to lead Cricket, a towering black quarter horse, around the barn’s dirt-floored pen without tugging or pulling at her. Rachel, a diminutive, galloping executive in her sixties, called out softly and gestured towards Cricket. The mare complied and began circling around the pen.

Everything was going well until Cricket crept into -Rachel’s space, nudging her close to the pen’s fence. Cricket was asserting her dominance as the leader. Who is walking who here? Rachel thought to herself. I want you—not me—to be close to the fence.

Rachel and her partner, Amos Avitan, run a successful business consulting company in BC’s Lower Mainland. Both stubborn and independent, they’d been butting heads in the workplace since their company’s inception fifteen years ago. “We were addicted to being right,” says Rachel. “For years and years, we’d dig our heels ...

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