Register Sunday | July 21 | 2019
Taking the Wheel

Taking the Wheel

Politicians praise climate-conscious teenagers like Rebecca Hamilton. But what she really wants is better public transit.

The climate crisis, to me, comes as fire. Growing up in Vancouver, the summers of my childhood meant climbing in the local park and eating sunset picnic dinners at the beach down the road. But I’m now seventeen, and that’s just a memory. Summer is wildfire season, the weeks when venturing outside means the suffocating grip of tree ash in my lungs. 

What scares me most about those long days of hazy skies is that feeling of being trapped. When the stars at night and the house down the street are masked by the wall of brown, I feel the same way I do when I think about the future. We have no idea what our world will look like twenty years from now. The horizon of my future is obscured by a haze of uncertainty. 

Young people like me have grown up understanding that we are in ...

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