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The Summer 2021 Music Room

Anything Can’t Happen 

Anything Can’t Happen (Telephone Explosion), the debut album from Toronto’s Dorothea Paas, begins and ends with the same affirmation. “I’m not lonely now,” Paas sings, reassuring the listener and speaker at once. What unfolds between these two lines is a stunning half-hour of music, a series of songs that pushes forward the tradition of confessional songwriting. Armed with her guitar and a backing band on drums and bass, Paas sings of love and its misfortunes: the difficulty of loving oneself and others at the same time; the desire to be fully open and immersed in someone else, while keeping your own body and mind safe. “It’s so hard to trust again / when you don’t even trust yourself,” Paas sings on the title track, which begins with a relaxed beat and builds to a wall of gorgeous layered vocals. The harmonies recall ...

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