Register Friday | July 23 | 2021
The Photographer's Wife Art by Eve Tagny

The Photographer's Wife

I met him at a poetry reading. He didn’t strike me as someone particularly interesting. I forgot about him until weeks later, when he tagged me in a series of photographs he had taken. I didn’t recognize myself in them, but I wanted to. It took me a month to respond to his dozen DMs. I asked if he would take more photographs of me. Not in a “draw me like one of your French girls” sort of way. I just wanted more evidence that I exist. He said he’d be happy to book a session with me, and then he asked me out on a coffee date. And then a week later, instead of sending a price list for the booking, he asked me to join him on a walk. I stood him up three times but on the fourth time, I called. That’s how ...

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