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The Summer 2021 Book Room

We, Jane

It can be too easy for Canadian urbanites to forget that abortion services aren’t available from coast to coast to coast. Aimee Wall’s We, Jane (Book*hug) is a candid reminder that the right to choose still needs to be fought for, and someone’s got to do the fighting. We, Jane takes the reader along on a road trip from Montreal to the rugged shores of rural Newfoundland. Thirty-something-year-old Marthe is leaving her unfulfilling metropolitan life in the hopes of finding a sense of purpose in her home province. Back on the island, she’s introduced to an older woman who performs the essential service for women who can’t make the drive to the clinic in St. John’s, as well as her small group of helpers. Initially, this strikes Marthe as just the kind of meaningful responsibility she was looking for, but her ...

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