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Dream Girls Art by Spencer Ashley

Dream Girls

Duncan McLachlan reviews Casey Plett’s A Dream of a Woman and Jackie Ess’s Darryl.

You should meet David. He’s going to transition. He’s living in Portland, falling in love with a cis girl named Iris and figuring out if he is trans. 

When David was eighteen, his stepfather heard that he was struggling with his gender identity. He told ­David that what he was experiencing “is no different from what millions of young men over centuries have experienced. Searching for a solution, but it’s a solution that doesn’t come. The only thing available? Be happy with who you are.” 

At twenty-three, David isn’t happy with who he is. He still doesn’t feel ready to transition, yet he knows that he ultimately will. That’s because there are moments in his life that remind him that all is not how he wants it to be. For instance, he is stoned at home in a skirt and he sees a ...

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