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Mushroom Medicine Art by Adrian Forrow

Mushroom Medicine

A terminal diagnosis can leave patients with anxiety, depression and countless questions. Could psychedelic therapy give them the answers they’re looking for?

Three years ago, Andrea Bird sat in a recliner in her living room near Mount Forest, Ontario and prepared to meet her cancer. Her legs were tucked into a blanket “super cozy” and music from a special playlist drifted through her headphones. Beside her sat a guide who would be acting as her support for the experience. Bird felt both nervous and excited as she drank a cup of tea containing four grams of what’s commonly known as magic mushrooms, mixed with ginger and honey. 

Bird had heard about so-called “bad trips.” What would she find beneath the hood of her psyche? Was there a hidden darkness inside her that she might unearth? She covered her eyes with an eyeshade and turned inward, ambient music filling her ears. As the mushrooms took hold, Bird’s legs began to shake. After the shaking stopped, she noticed her left hand was ...

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