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Strange Dolls Ray Hennessy/Unsplash

Strange Dolls

Translation by Katia Grubisic.

I dreamed that grand-maman was a giant. Rose was enormous: she could crush houses with her toes. She laughed a squeaky, high-pitched laugh. Actually, she might have been an ogre, because I think she was trying to eat Lily and me. She wanted to swallow us whole. She wanted us all to herself. I’m not sure. We were trying to escape into a forest, maybe. Part circus, part fairy tale. The dream was somewhere between a burlesque show and the story of Tom Thumb.

Grand-maman hugged us tight, smothering us with her giant arms.

When I got to work in the morning, I was exhausted. I headed downstairs, into the theatre. Three puppets on hangers dangled limply from their strings, their heads slack and low, eyes downcast. They were waiting their turns, ready to perk up the next time they had to go onstage. I remember every detail so ...

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