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Two's Company Illustration by Tallulah Fontaine

Two's Company

While more twins are being born across the world, our assumptions about them have stayed the same.

I have a sister, and her name is Nick. It’s short for Nicole. Her second name, Nancy, is the same as my mother’s. Nick has a short blonde shag. She has dark eyebrows and long eyelashes. Her face has seen many piercings come and go, some leaving more permanent marks than others. Her body is graced with dainty, complementary tattoos. She has impeccable style, and great taste in fun.

Nick is dramatic and convincing. She is sensitive, anxious and goal-oriented. She is extraordinarily animated in her facial expressions and hand gestures. Whenever we go out, I’m in awe of her. She’s a nineties-chic boss, grungy and true to the decade she grew up in, crossed with a twenties-style starlet, cloaked and draped in fabrics, smoking herbal cigarettes at midnight and making friends with strangers in dimly lit rooms. She is a beautiful and inspiring person.

Nick ...

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