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Dave Bidini

Shoot it Harder, Lads!

At a soccer tournament in Melbourne, a recovering drug addict and ex-soldier taught Dave Bidini that when you love the beautiful game, talent is optional.

Members Only

It is an important rite of passage: the breakup of the band you once loved. Dave Bidini recalls the friendship that sank with New Wave.

The Great Comeback

Twenty years ago, Dave Bidini’s musical career was in a funk. Then a chance encounter with a jazz legend turned it all around.

Mongolian Invasions

In 1206, Genghis Khan forged an empire that stretched from Korea to Kiev. When Dave Bidini visited the country 800 years later, he found a land that dreamed of reclaiming domination—this time with pucks.

Travels in Narnia

Laid low by a lacklustre rock tour and personal tragedy, Dave Bidini experiences the healing power of C. S. Lewis.