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Controversy 2007

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Up in Smoke

Brilliant, arrogant, cunning and inscrutable—for fifty years, the best legal minds that money can buy have been the tobacco industry's secret weapon.


A long stretch of beach in Bangladesh is the final destination for the world's oil tankers.

Burning Water

Welcome to a picture-perfect green valley of happy tourists, young families and corporate goodwill. Too bad you can't drink the water. Tadzio Richards documents a community's concern over irresponsible mining practices.


Documentary filmmaking is being crippled by the rising costs of copyrighted footage. Christopher Frey tells us how filmakers are struggling to adapt.

Zero-Gravity Grimness

The new Battlestar Galactica has done away with bumpy-headed aliens and thespian histrionics. Jonathan Kiefer explains why it's the best "frakking" show on earth.

Mommy Doesn't Love Me

Are Modern Eurpoean Writers ungrateful brats or sublime moralists? Critic François Ricard and novelist Nancy Huston square off.